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Autumn Equinox Ritual

Autumn Equinox Ritual

– Mark the circle and cardinal points
– Light the altar candles and cardinal points

Place Athame point into salt, saying:
“I consecrate and bless this salt in the names of the Lady of the Moon and the Lord of Death and Resurrection, so it may be purified for use in this rite.”

Place Athame point into water, saying:
“I consecrate and cleanse this water in the names of the Lady of the Moon and the Lord of Death and Resurrection, so it may be purified for use in this rite.”

Pick up Athame (starting in East), draws the circle about those within, saying:
“O circle be a place of peace, love and truth. Be a shield against all evil and a place of protection that shall preserve and contain the energies I shall raise within thee. I do bless thee and consecrate thee in the names of the Lady and the Lord.”

Add Salt to Water, sprinkle the circle.
Add incense to brazier, Cense the circle.

Smudge yourself (for purification)

Go to East, raise Athame pointing to the East, saying:
“Hear me guardians of the East, look now upon me, guide and protect me in this rite.”

Draw an invoking pentagram.
(Repeat for all directions)

Raise your arms saying:

“O Horned One, the Sun King, God of the Harvest and Lord of Death and Resurrection, your seed has provided a bounty that has greened the earth and filled the fields. As the warmth of summer wanes and the air turns to chill and darkeness, as you begin your descent to the Underworld, bestow your blessings on my circle.

O Great Goddess, the giver of life and harvest, your body has provided abundance and beauty. As you begin your restful slumber bless me with your wisdom.

Lord and Lady I thank you for all that you have blessed me with and ask that you give me the strength in the new year to plant seeds of joy, happiness and love and to banish all misery and hate.”

“Pour some wine into your cup and hold the Athame between both hands and slowly lower the blade into the cup, saying:
“The Male and the Female, joined in love, peace and happiness”

Pour some wine out for libation, saying:
“As the Gods provide for us, let us give to them”

Drink the wine and sit in quiet communion with the God and Goddess

When you feel the time is right get up and thank the God and Goddess for attending the Rite.

Then go to the East, raise Athame pointing to the East saying:
“Guardians of the East, thank you for attending my rite. Let me live with peace and love in my heart.”

Draw banishing pentagram
(repeat for all other directions)

The Rite is ended

Extinguish the Cardinal Points and the altar candles.

– Lady Pagan