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Choosing, Cleansing and Charging Stones/Crystals


Most people will choose the crystal which will best assist them in the situation they need it for; Clearing your mind, helping with a physical problem, meditation, charms for protection for yourself or your home, for healing, for chakra work, for stone elixirs, or for anything that seems suitable. Select the crystal which has the properties to help you. Or… simply pick the stone that “calls” to you!

First decide why you are doing the crystal work. Is it for you or someone else? What is the problem? Do you need to give or receive energy? What does it require? In all crystal work, select the stone which has the properties to help you.

For a little energy, carry the stones with you, either in a little pouch around your neck or in a pocket. In a full-scale crystal working, ask the stone for its energies and utilize them. At the end of the process, the stone is probably completely exhausted and it is best to thank it and cleanse it in the ground.

For meditation, carry the stone with you. For healing, place the stone on the afflicted area and feel it’s energies work as it draws the sickness or pain out. Remember, some stones will retain these negative energies. Or, you can hold the stone in your receptive hand to absorb the healing energies.

For elixir: place the stone in a bottle and fill the bottle with salt water, as salt cleanses and purifies. Place it in the sun for a day, then use it. In healing, place the crystal on the part of the body where you need it. For chakra work, choose crystals of the appropriate color and properties. Most crystal’s properties are linked to the chakras. There are many wonderful healing properties that can be utilized from these wonderful treasures. I hope you explore the possibilities.


There are a number of methods of stone purification. The simplest is to place the stone in full sunlight for a day, three days, or even a week. The Sun’s rays do the work here, burning away the unnecessary energies.

Place the stone in direct sunlight. An inside window ledge isn’t as good as an outdoor location because window glass blocks some of the Sun’s rays. Remove the stone each day at dusk. Some stones will ‘clear’ after a day’s soaking up the rays. Others will need longer periods of time. Check the stone daily and sense the energies within them by placing them in your receptive hand. If the vibrations are regular, healthy, the cleansing has been successful.

A second method is somewhat more difficult. In this case, running water is the tool. Place the stones in moving water and leave there for a day or two. If you happen to have a river or stream running near your property, this is ideal. Place the stones in a net or bag or devise some other method to ensure that they don’t wash away in the water. Leave them overnight in the water, which gently washes away the impurities.

The third main technique is governed by the powers of the Earth. Bury the stone in the ground for a week or so, then check to see if it has been purified. If it has, wash or wipe it off and your magic can begin.


Before using them in magic, stones should be ‘charged’ or ‘programmed’ with energy. This is done simply by holding the stone in your projective hand (usually the right, but the left for lefties}, visualize your magickal need, and pouring energy out from your body into the stone.

This energy is personal power. it resides within all of us. We can move the energy from our bodies out into stones, candles, metals and other objects to help us achieve our magickal goals. the movement of this or other forms of natural energy is at the heart of magic. See the power flowing out from your body, through your projective hand and into the stone. Charge it with the energy of your magickal need. when you know that the stone is vibrating with your personal power, the charging is complete. This simple process, performed before each ritual, will greatly enhance the effects of your stone magic.