Lammas/Lughnasadh Correspondences


Lammas/ Lughnasadh (August 1): Lammas is associated with the color gold and
all harvest colors, the harvest and bounty of the land, the sacred king, and
the Disseminating Moon lunar phase.

Lammas Herbs

acacia flowers, blackberries, corn ears, cornstalks, crab apples, frankincense, grapes, heather, hollyhock, myrtle, oak leaves, pear, sloe, wheat, all grains

The Sacred Herbs of Lugnasad
from “A Druid’s Herbal’ by Ellen Evert Hopman.

Berries, Fenugreek, Frankincense, Heather, Hollyhock, Mistletoe, Oak, Oat, and Sunflower

Berries: Pies can be made of berries to commemorate the death of the God, the “Green Man”, who is sacrificed each year at the harvest so that the greater life may prosper.

Fenugreek: Use Fenugreek seed to attract money.

Frankincense: Use for purification, protection and exorcism. Use it to accelerate spiritual growth.

Heather: This is a herb of luck and protection, and can be used in rain-making rituals.

Hollyhock: Attracts money, success, and material wealth. favored by the fey!

Mistletoe: Use this herb to strengthen all magickal workings. Use also for healing, protection and beautiful dreams.

Oak: Use for strength, perseverance and protection. Brings fertility to ideas, projects and harvest magick.

Oat: Use in money and gather wealth spells.

Sunflower: These are sun symbols and symbolize wisdom and the healthy ego.

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