Basic Ritual Structure

Basic Ritual Structure

Set up and Purification of Altar and Ritual Space.

Purification of Participants.

Salt and water are consecrated and combined and then the salt water is used to purify those who will be in the Circle. This is done by the Priestess or her delegate.

Grounding and Centering.

Grounding and centering are done by group visualization.

Circle is Cast.

Circle is cast by use of Wand, Athame, Hand, or Mental Visualization.

Quarters and Elements are evoked.

Quarters are called in the following order: East, South, West, North.
(Center may also be called, depending on the working, as may the Powers Above and Powers Below)

Goddess and God are invoked.

The deities are addressed as the Lord and as the Lady; names should be appropriate to Sabbat, Moon, or other ritual purpose and used in teaching/storytelling and/or spellwork.

General purpose of ritual is performed/Spellwork/Raising/Sending Power.

Power is raised by use of drumming, and/or chanting, etc. Teaching, study, spellwork, scrying, healing, etc. are all appropriate at this time.

Bless the Cakes and Wine.

Consecration of feast food (food in addition to ritual foods).


Time for reflection and for enjoyment of the circle.

Thank Deities, Quarters and Elements.

Circle is Opened.


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