The Nature of Our Ways

The Nature of Our Ways

Whenever possible, hold the rites in forests, seashores, mountain tops, desert
plains, or near tranquil lakes or rivers, for these places are sacred. If this
is not possible, a garden or inner chamber will suffice, if it is prepared in
advance with fumes, flowers, and ornamentation.

Seek out wisdom in books, rare manuscripts, and cryptic poems if you wish, but
more importantly, seek wisdom in the simple stone, fragile herb, in the cries
of birds, and in the howls of the wild. Listen to the whisperings of the wind
and rain and the roar of the water if you would discover true magick, for it
is here that the Old Ones preserve the secrets of the ages.

Books contain words-trees contain wisdom and energy that books never dreamed

True wisdom and magick comes from the living, and in the circle of life.

Ever remember that the Old Ways are constantly revealing themselves to us.
Therefore be as the river willow that bends and sways with the wind. That
which remains changeless shall outlive its spirit, but that which evolves and
grows shall shine for centuries.

There can never be a monopoly on wisdom. Therefore, share what you will of our
ways with others who seek them, but hide mystic lore from the eyes of those
who would destroy, for to do otherwise increases their destructive abilities.

Mock not the ways and beliefs of others, for how can you really know if yours
is truly of greater wisdom or power.

Always ensure that your actions and words are honorable, for all that you do
shall return to you three-fold good or bane. Remember that you are a direct
representative of your religion, as you are, they will remember you and your’s

Be weary of those who would dominate and deceive you, who would control and
manipulate your workings and reverences. True reverence for the God and
Goddess occurs from within. Look with suspicion on any who would twist your
worship and beliefs for their own gain and glory. Welcome, though, any who
worship with love and caring in their hearts.

Honor ALL living things, for we are all of the bird, the bee, the cat, and the
fish. Destroy not life- Unless it is to preserve your own or the ones you love-
no exceptions.

…And this is the Nature of our Ways.

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